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April 27, 2016

The World's First Official Airmail: Rarely-Seen Historical Pictures of First Flight Letters

Here is a small collection of rare vintage photos that shows the world's first flight airmail letters. Most of them were being thrown out because of water damage.

First flight from Venezeula to Trinidad, February 12, 1931

First Flight, Datona Beach to Miami, March 1, 1929

From Nuevitas, Cuba to Miami, December 6, 1931

Letter mailed on the first flight of Hindenburg (LZ-129) to Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1936

National Air Races, Cleveland, Ohio, 1931

Panama Canal Zone to Trinidad, February 12, 1931

This mail was ready to be sent on the Akron balloon blimp but it never made it, ca. 1929-30

Airmail Field Atlanta to West Palm Beach, February 9, 1931

Atlanta to Miami, December 1, 1928

(Photos from Richard)



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