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April 15, 2016

Stunning Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in Japan From Between the 1900s and 1930s

This is a wonderful vintage photo collection shows the life in Japan from between the 1900s and 1930s.

Japanese carriers, ca. 1920s

Japaneses in the 1920s

'Long Term Development', ca. 1930s

M.t Fuji, farm and wood gatherer, 1918

Men and young girls, ca. 1930s

Mt Fuji, 1918.

Mt Fuji, 1918

Mt. Fuji from about 1918

Old cars at trolley station, ca. 1920s

Old Japan Festival, ca. 1920s

Old Japanese military base with radio towers, ca. 1930s

Street in Japan in the 1920s

Sumo in the 1930s

The Beppu Rakutenchi funicular at Beppu City on Kyushu Island, ca. 1929

Transplanting rice, ca. 1900s

Women at the beach, Beppu, Japan, ca. 1930s

Wooden Bridge at Iwakuni, 1902

A fan shop in Japan, ca. 1920s

A Japanese school in the 1920s

A torii around 1900

A torii around 1900

At a Japanese school in the 1930s

Beppu Japan hot springs, ca. 1930

Beppu Japan in the 1930s

Beppu, Japan, ca. 1920s

Beppu, Japan, ca. 1920s

Beppu, Japan, ca. 1930s

Daibutsu, Giant Buddha, 1919

Funicular in Japan, ca. 1920s


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