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April 4, 2016

27 Stunning Vintage Pictures Show Everyday Life of Cairo from between the 1860s and 1880s

These vintage photos show the life in Cairo from 130-150 years ago.

Cairo wedding in 1890

Cairo, 1865

Cairo, Egypt, 1875

Dhow on the Nile, Cairo, 1880

Downtown in Cairo, 1881

Downtown in Cairo, 1881

Egyptian women in Cairo, 1880

Interior of Egyptian home in Cairo, ca. 1870s

Mohammed Ali mosque, Cairo, ca. 1880s

Mosque, Cairo, Egypt, 1869

Public scribe, Cairo, 1880

Rice and oil merchants, Cairo, 1860

Street in Cairo, Egypt, 1865

Sultan Kalaoun mosque, 1880

The Citadel Gate, Cairo, 1864

The Palace Gezirah, Cairo, 1873

Tombs of the Mamaluks, Cairo, Egypt, 1875

Water carrier in Cairo, 1880

Water carriers, Cairo, 1864

Water carriers, Cairo, Egypt, ca. 1880s

Water Vendor, Cairo, 1880

A Cairo man filtering water, 1880

A Street in Cairo, 1862

Along the Nile, Cairo, 1880

Cairo antique seller in the 1880s

Cairo coffee house in the 1880s

Cairo in the 1880s


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