April 14, 2016

16 Interesting Photographs Capture Street Scenes of Hong Kong in 1984

These photographs were taken by Japanese photographer Doi Kuro, give us a glimpse into everyday life of Hong Kong in the early 1980s.

View of the market from the tram, 1984.

Street Chinese Opera, 1984.

Street hoarding, 1984.

 Sloping road, 1984.

amous people hand drawn portraits, 1984.

 Tai Yuen street, Wan Chai, 1984.

Elgin street, Central Hong Kong, 1984.

Tram on Johnston road, Wan Chai, 1984.

Mobile food stall, 1984.

Tramway in market street, 1984.

Crossroad, 1984.

Egg shop, 1984.

Shopping, 1984.

Shopping street, 1984.

Canton road, 1984.

After the rain, 1984.

(Photos by Doi Kuro)


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