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March 30, 2016

These Pieces of Knitwear and Crochet Are So Strange! Here Are 10 Weirdest Vintage Knitwear Designs You've Ever Seen

These specimens of weird vintage knitwear and crochet pieces are so strange, they deserve to be dug out from the hidden halls of history and shown to the world so they can claim their title as the world’s best outfit oddities!

1. The image below brings that ‘owners who look like their dogs’ meme to a whole new level

2. For those of you whose belly-button tends to overheat, all your dreams have just come true

3. Put two googly eyes on this, and you have a perfect duck costume for next Halloween

4. This is the 1940s answer to touch-screen gloves… and the perfect gift for elves

5. R.I.P., long forgotten cousin of The Muppets. You were a good muppet, but you met an unsavory end.

6. If Disney movies was made into an item of clothing, it would be this mutual mitten. Just read that description—it’s so insidiously darling and romantic, it almost makes us believe in true love.

7. The love child between a creepy clown and an alpine ski outfit? World, what is going on here!?

8. Hot pants were a questionable idea to begin with. Aaaand then someone knitted them with matching blouses and added flair.

9. If Scarlett O’Hara was thrown into the 70s and invited to a beach party when she had no swimsuit on hand, this is what she would have worn. Because this is surely a bikini made out of a blanket, right?

10. We question the name ‘Health Vest’ because anyone who agreed to wear this contraption of a garment would clearly have been clinically insane.

(via Swapdom Blog)


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