March 10, 2016

Seoul in Korean Empire – 35 Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in the Land of the Morning Calm in the 1900s

These are what everyday life of Korea in general and Seoul in particular looked like in the 1900s.

A restaurant in Seoul, ca. 1900

A rustic road near Seoul, 1904

American electric trolley at the South Gate of Seoul, 1903

Charcoal carriers, Seoul, ca. 1900

Chowing down at an old 'greasy spoon' where the food tastes great, Seoul, ca. 1900

First class transportation, Seoul, ca. 1900

Four peace-loving Korean gentlemen at the temple of the god of war, Seoul, 1903

Happy kids with grandma and the water boy, Seoul, ca. 1900

High class dandies on a nature hike, Seoul, ca. 1900

High class family, ca. 1900s

Junks along the Han River at Yongsan, a logging town near Seoul, 1903

Kids on the City Wall, Seoul, 1904

Korean girls testing a new 'short drop' parachute design, ca. 1900s

Officials of the Imperial Department of Communications, Seoul, 1903

On the road in the suburb of Seoul to Beijing, 1903

Pack train on a city street in Seoul, 1903

Pottery packing mountain men, near Seoul, ca. 1900

Public school with a holding cell under the floor reserved for kids, Seoul, 1903

Ready to roll, a high-class girl rides, her servant walks, Seoul, ca. 1900

Shoeing a horse at the blacksmith's home, Seoul, 1903

Smoking, gambling, and gossiping, ca. 1900

The bean grinder, Seoul, ca. 1900

The Chicken Seller, Seoul, ca. 1900

The flying see-saw Korean girls, ca. 1900-05

The hay carrier, ca. 1900

The human back-hoe laying the foundation for a new post office in Seoul, 1903

The rice pounders, Seoul, 1903

The wedding party, Seoul, ca. 1900

Tiger hunters in the hills outside of Seoul, ca. 1900

Two high-class gentlemen killing time, Seoul, 1903

Two kinds of loads on the streets of Seoul, ca. 1900

View from the City Wall, Seoul, Korea, 1904

View from the City Wall, Seoul, Korea, 1904

A happy couple visiting relatives in Seoul, 1903

A Korean drum and bugle corps escorts the grand-master of the emperor's royal stable through Seoul in 1903


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