March 4, 2016

Fairground Scenes – Vintage Photos of Pitiful Animals Performing for Spectators

Lion tamer

Little girl feeding an elephant

Man and lion cub

Man feeding elephants

Man standing on elephant leg

Man with a lying down elephant

Man with four camels

Men and camel

Snake handler

Spectators observing a caged lion, Leicester, 1927

Tending to the elephant

Tiger in a cage

Two caged lions

Woman standing on elephant's leg

Woman teaches a standing horse

Elephant and man in field

Elephant and woman

Elephant drinking water

Elephant meets little girl

Elephant on a country road

Elephants and two men

Elephants on the water

Hoisting the elephant to transfer to the fairground circus

Horse and boy lying down

Hyena and wolf in the Lord John Sanger & Sons cage

Leopards in the Lord John Sanger & Sons cage

(Photos from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums)


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