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March 5, 2016

40 Beautiful Vintage American Indian/Native American Postcards from the 1950s and 1960s

During the 1950s and 1960s the shutterbugs clicked away making postcards of various Indians and Indian communities. Naturally these were popular with the tourists who used to send one back home from vacation.

"How" - Cheyenne, Wyoming

All-American Indian Days - Sheridan, Wyoming. MISS WILLIAMETTE BELL YOUPEE - Miss Indian America X. The annual Miss Indian America Contest is one of the highlights of All American Indian Days. Girls from all over the United States and Canada, representing many tribes, compete on the basis of poise, Indian characteristics, scholastic ability, and dedication to the advancement of their own people.

Apache Indian Devil Dance

Chief and Papoose

Chief Halftown & His Friends. A full-blooded Seneca Indian, Chief Halftown has traveled thousands of miles in helping thousands of youngsters learn to enjoy the fun of bowling. There are Chief Halftown Junior Bowling Clubs in over 200 cities in the United States and Canada.

Glass House Restaurant - Vinita, Oklahoma. This unusual structure is a favorite stopping place for travelers on the Will Rogers Turnpike. Travelers will find an excellent restaurant with several dining rooms, a snack bar and a gift shop for their convenience.

Greetings from Cheyenne, Wyoming

Greetings from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

Heafford Junction, Wisconsin. The Chief in All His Glory.

Indian Chief. Published by Mike Roberts of Berkeley, California.

Indian Maid

Indian Prayer - Moiese, Montana. Indian Prayer, depicted by Pascal Charlo, Flathead Indian. This scene was taken from National Bison Range, Moiese, Montana and 10,000 ft. Mission Range and St. Ignatius in the background.

Navajo Women - Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. Typical of the women who spin the wool from their flocks to make famous Navajo blankets and rugs. The Navajos seldom keep their money in banks; the wealth of a family is seen in the jewelry worn by the women. When the family needs money the jewelry is pawned at the reservation trading post.

New Mexico "Land of Enchantment". Indians in colorful costumes in the desert country of New Mexico.

Redwing Hahtogo - Kiowa Eagle Dancer. This is a Mirro-Krome postcard.

The Sunrise Call - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. A colorful scene from the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial. Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

The Sunrise Call - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. At the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial, Wisconsin Dells, Wis., is sung in the Zuni language. The play of light on the feather headdress of the singer resembles the rising of the sun.

Typical Eskimo Scene. A typical Eskimo scene in the Arctic region of Alaska. Walrus tusks in front of their hut.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The Dells are located on Interstate 90-94 in Central Wisconsin. This scenic wonderland, the Mid-West's foremost vacationland, has been visited by millions since 1856 and is noted for its scenic boat trips and Indian pageantry.

Ceremonial Dances of New Mexico. Ceremonial dances of New Mexico's 50,00 indians are seen by thousands of visitors each year. This dance performed in several of the Indian Settlements in this "Land of Enchantment," is the Buffalo Dance.

American Indian at Grand Canyon. The American Indians guided the first white men to the Grand Canyon in 1541, Today, the visitor there, may see the Indians garbed in native dress, view their homes and purchase Indian jewelry, blankets, rugs, etc.

Nebraska Indians Chief, Whitecalf and his Sioux Indians in their colorful native costumes entertain thousands of visitors every year at Ogallala, Nebraska, "Land of the Sioux". Authentic war, snake, buffalo and other dances are performed during the day and in the evening the entire tribe puts on the big, "Pow-Wow" in their village. It is Nebraska's most popular tourist stop.

Indian Chief - Cherokee Indian Reservation - Cherokee, North Carolina. Located on the extreme western boundary of North Carolina and adjoining the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Qualla Reservation, consisting of 63,000 acres, represents a typical part of the vast mountain domain that once was owned and occupied by the Cherokee Indians.

Dancing The War Dance - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Youngest Contest Dancer - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Witches Gulch - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. A cool, beautiful walk on the Upper Dells Boat Trip. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Navajo Rug Weaver. In Summer, the weaving is done outdoors under the shade of a tree. Good many weavers are located near the highway and many road travelers stop to admire their fine rugs.

Indian Basket Maker

Chippewa Chief - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Holding a traditional Hawks Wing, a Chippewa Chief scans the blue waters of one of the thousands of lakes his forefathers knew well.

The Native American. Indian warfare, before white contact, was as much a ceremont as a deadly business. Through war a young man could prove and win status.

First Americans in Full Dress

Greetings From Owl Station - Mohawk, Arizona

Pawnee Indian Dancer. Little scout is an outstanding Indian dancer, having appeared in many celebrations and on TV.

Indian Prayer

Winnebago Couple - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. An attractive couple do not seem to notice our sight-seeing boats pass along the beautiful shores of the Wisconsin River at the Dells. Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

Ross Allen's Seminole Indian Village & Reptile Institute - Silver Springs, Florida. Ross Allen watching Seminole Indians grinding corn. these early Americans have re-established their home at Silver Springs, Florida. Living and working the year round in Ross Allen's famous reptile institute. Pictured here, are Miss Louise Billie and her mother, Mrs. Robert Osceola.

Hayward, Wisconsin. Two Beautiful Indian Maidens.

National Shrine of the North American Martyrs - Auriesville, New York. Choir of Mohawk Indians singing at Mass in the Coliseum.

Eskimo Boys Carving Ivory, Alaska

Western Skies and Western Ways. Stories of early days when our country was new are easily with buckskin and feathers. Jeans and western shirts are more than just atmosphere.

(via The Cardboard America Archives)


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