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March 12, 2016

18 Vintage Photographs Capture Everyday Life in Iran During the 1960s

In the 1960s foreign firms, especially American ones, poured into the country. And for a period until the beginning of the revolution in 1978, the old and new coexisted in seeming harmony...

A young woman standing in front of one of the first mass housing complexes in Tehran in the 1960s. Then a symbol of modern living in Iran, its aesthetic clashed with the traditional sensibilities of a neighbouring village, prompting a cleric there to decree the land on which Shahreziba (beautiful city) was built unholy for prayer. (Photograph: Courtesy of Sourena Parham)

Two young Americans in Isfahan in 1963 and a crowd of onlookers. (Photograph: Courtesy of Christine Alice Westberg)

Family photo from 1967: an Iranian couple and their 12 children. (Photograph: Ramin Rouhi/Manoto's Time Tunnel)

Newly-weds in 1961, Mazandaran province in north Iran. (Photograph: Three Lions/Getty Images)

Two young women in chadors walk down the street with two unveiled Ahvazis in the 1960s. Khuzestan province in south Iran. (Photograph: Courtesy of Manoto's Time Tunnel)

Starting a new life in Shiraz in 1963, a city renowned for its gardens, wine, and poets. (Photograph: Courtesy of Kati Zonouz)

In front of Daryoush Cinema in the main square of Borujerd, 1961. Lorestan Province in western Iran. (Photograph: Mohammad/Manoto's Time Tunnel)

Ab-Ali was the first ski resort in Iran to install lifts in 1932. This is what a coloured photo looked like three decades later. Ab Ali, near Tehran. (Photograph: Courtesy of Christine Alice Westberg)

Washing carpets in the 1960s in Shahr-e Ray, the oldest existing city in Tehran province. Ray has now been subsumed by the capital. (Photograph: William S Boom)

Visiting Americans trek up a hill in Shahr-e Ray in the 1960s, south of Tehran. (Photograph: William S Boom)

Drying carpets in Shahr-e Ray, 1960s, Iran. (Photograph: William S Boom)

Takht-e Jamshid Boulevard in Tehran, 1970, renamed Taleghani after the revolution. (Photograph: Akbar Montazeri/Manoto's Time Tunnel)

Takht-e Jamshid, or Persepolis, in the 1960s. Fars province. (Photograph: Courtesy of Kati Zonouz)

A favourite family photo, says Christine (far right), pictured with her siblings and the children of their driver Pierre, 1965. Tehran, Iran. (Photograph: Courtesy of Christine Alice Westberg)

Tehran American School courtyard after a field trip in 1965. The school was established the year after the 1953 CIA coup against prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh. By 1977, TAS was the largest American school outside the United States. (Photograph: William S Boom)

Traveling government employees instruct villagers in the veterinary sciences in the sixties. Aligudarz, Lorestan province in western Iran. (Photograph: Ghodratollah Nazari/Manoto's Time Tunnel)

Madrese Aali Behdasht, a vocational school where students trained to work as nurses or technicians in the health field, 1968. Isfahan, Iran. (Photograph: Courtesy of Parisa Saranj)

A grandfather with his grandaughter Parastoo in a Tehran park in the winter of 1965. (Photograph: Parastoo/Manoto's Time Tunnel)

(via The Guardian)



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