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March 21, 2016

13 Hilarious Vintage Patterns for Men in the 1970s

Although many vintage knitting and crochet patterns have a certain charm to them, you can't help but giggle at a few that aren't quite so timeless!

1. Man and dog

This takes 'dogs look like their owners' to a whole new level.

2. Grin and bear

We can only imagine what these three are really saying to eachother...

3. Silly string

The string vest just had to feature. It's a good'un!

4. Green with envy

This one's in Fashions from the Workbasket, published in May 1972 – and is apparently what architects wear!

5. Sink or swim

A woolly vest is sure to keep you warm... in the pool!

6. So seductive

Well, a tunic always helps to show your softer side.

7. Soggy bottoms

We're not quite sure who thought this one up. Make it stop!

8. Someone's dad

This guy looks surprisingly happy!

9. Granny cool

We don't like to say it, but along with the robe this smile is slightly disconcerting.

10. A poncho above

Someone definitely got the short straw!

11. Two become one

PLEASE tell us the balaclava and scarf are attached.

12. Against the stream

A 1920s pattern! This is simply delightful.

13. Face to the wind

Would you try this interesting ski mask or opt for the cold instead?

(via Top Crochet Pattern Blog)



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