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February 1, 2016

Women at Their Leisure – Interesting Photos Show the Work Women Often Do in Their Free Time before 1900

Cycling, 1898

Old woman darning socks in Whitby

Playing at a river, ca. 1890

Playing croquet, 1886

Playing lap harp, ca. 1890s

Playing tennis, ca. 1880s

Reading books

Sewing with machine, 1865

Take photographs, ca. 1890s

Two sisters, one sewing on a treadle machine, 1865

Victorian girls play basketball, ca. 1890s

Victorian women playing cards, ca. 1890

Walking with her pup, Paris, ca.1890

Winding Wool, North Yorkshire, England, ca. late 1800s

Women playing golf, 1895

A Canadian woman spinning, 1895

A woman pours tea for her friends seated outdoors at a table, ca.1890

An American woman sewing while her daughters standing around, ca. 1880s


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