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February 8, 2016

Very Early Flying Machines: 40 Amazing Vintage Photos of Planes From the Dawn of Flight

The pioneer era of aviation refers to the period of aviation history between the first successful powered flight, generally accepted to have been made by the Wright Brothers on 17 December 1903, and the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914.

Once the principles of powered controlled flight had been established there was a period in which many different aircraft configurations were experimented with. By 1914 the tractor configuration biplane had become the most popular form of aircraft design, and would remain so until the end of the 1920s.

During this period aviation passed from being seen as the preserve of eccentric enthusiasts to being an established technology, with the establishment of specialist aeronautical engineering research establishments and university courses and the creation of major industrial aircraft manufacturing businesses, and aviation became a subject of enormous popular interest.

Philips Multiplane 1904

Philips Multiplane 1907

D'Equevillay 1908


Bell Cygnet 1907

Jourdan 1911

Kauffmann No. 1 1910

Moisant 1909

Moisant 1909

Paulhan 1911

Robart 1908

Da Silva 1909

Sloan 1910

Stoeckel 1909

Taddeoli at Berne

De La Vaux


Mr Attwood taking off, ca. 1910-1915

The Willoughby Hydro-aeroplane. Pelican, ca. 1910-1915.

Percy Pilcher Beetle



Bertrand U1

Bonnet Labrache

Dorand 1908


Givaudan 1909

Kluytmants No. 18, ca. 1909

Paulhan 1911

De Puiseux When bicycling and gliding collide.

Robart 1908

Roux Vosgiens 1909

Sanchez Besa 1912

Schreck Diapason

Sylphe 1911


Vedovelli 1911

Jourdan 1911

Santos-Dumont in 14bis

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Wilbur Wright and glider just after landing, 1901.

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  1. Just lovely mix of early aircraft (mostly unknown today, and probably very few of them flew), and aircraft with both conventional tails and canards, something Boeing engineers recommended some years back!




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