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February 18, 2016

Cigarette "Techniques": How to Smoke Like a Lady in the 1960s

There are many women but only few ladies. Ladies are a select group that live with ease, style and class. To be a lady, you must do things in a ladylike manner. This requires certain affects that can be practised and mastered. One of the most alluring traits of a lady is how she smokes her cigarettes. Anyone can smoke, but not everyone can do so like a lady. Here are a number of suggestions to keep the smoking habit as feminine as possible.

  1. Never hold a cigarette in the mouth without the fingers assisting. In other words, no dangling cigarettes.
  2. Hold the cigarette in the hand as you strike the match and then place it between the lips for lighting. The fingers must stay in contact with the cigarette.
  3. If assistance is offered for lighting the cigarette, graciously lean toward the light.
  4. Hold the cigarette as close to the ends of the fingers as possible.
  5. Hold the lighted end of the cigarette toward the ceiling so that smoke does not curl through the fingers.
  6. Never blow smoke through the nostrils.
  7. Do not flick the ashes from the cigarette, roll them off.
  8. To put the cigarette out, gently roll it in the ash tray until there is no longer any smoke.


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