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February 28, 2016

49 Stunning Color Snapshots Shows the Daily Life in Moscow in the late 1960s

These amazing photos were shot by David C. Cook who visited  to Moscow for a meeting in 1969.

Panorama of three photographs shows Kremlin from Rossiya Hotel, Moscow, 1969

Perlov Tea House

Red Square, Moscow, 1969

Red Square

Restaurant Archangelskoe, Moscow

Rossiya Hotel restaurant

Rossiya Hotel

Sanitation workers on the street in Moscow

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

St. Basil's Cathedral

Stone Flower Fountain

Street vendors at Lermontov Station, Moscow

The building of the Union Chamber of Commerce, Moscow, 1969

Three generations on the bench at a park in Moscow

Towards Revolution Square, Moscow

Vacancy of Kazan, Moscow

A fruit stan in, Moscow

A Vostok rocket in front of the entrance of Cosmos Pavilion in VVC, Moscow, 1969

Alexander Garden, Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre

Former Moscow Merchant Bank

'Friendship of Nations' fountain

From Alexander gardens, Moscow

Grand Palace at Arkhangelskoe, Moscow, 1969

Great Martyr Barbara Church, Moscow, 1969

Great Martyr Barbara Church

GUM Department Store, Moscow, 1969

GUM Department Store

Hotel Moscow

House of the Unions

In a park in Moscow, 1969

In the Moscow metro

In the Rossiya Hotel room in Moscow

Kitai-gorod gate

Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building

Kremlin and Moscow River view at night from Rossiya Hotel

Kremlin and Moscow River, Moscow, 1969

Kremlin from Moscow River

Kvas Street vendor, Moscow, 1969

Lenin's Tomb

Middle Arsenal Tower base in Moscow

Moscow by night from Rossiya Hotel

Moscow Hotel

Moscow metro exit

Moscow metro

Moscow subway

Moscow tour buses

Muscovite girl

Old woman sitting on the bench at a park in Moscow

(Photos by David C. Cook, via Rob Ketcherside)


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