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January 9, 2016

Wonderful Color Photos of American People in the 1950s

Here is a wonderful photograph collection of people in America taken by photographer Stevel in the 1950s.

Hunting boys in South Dakota, ca. 1950

Kids as Hula dancers in east Peoria, Illinois, 1951

Little girl enjoying fabulous fall day in north of Peoria, IL, 1950

Little girl on dogback, 1952

Man poses with his car, Peoria, Illinois, 1957

Tough boys in Peoria, Illinois, 1957

Woman poses with her 1956 Mercury, Peoria, Illinois, 1957

Boy poses with his 1949 Dodge in Peoria, Illinois, 1957

Couple of cowgirls waiting for their horses, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1950

Cutting down Christmas tree, 1954

Easter Sunday in East Peoria, Illinois, 1957

Fishing at a lake near East Peoria, IL, 1953

Girl riding on horseback, South Dakota, 1950

Golfers in Peoria, IL, 1957

(Photos from stevel504)


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