January 14, 2016

Music in Victorian Era – Vintage Pictures of Women Playing Musical Instruments in the 1800s

These beautiful vintage photos prove that women in Victorian Era are very good at playing many kinds of musical instruments.

A lovely Victorian lady playing guitar

A Victorian drummer in uniform, ca. 1870s

A young girl playing violin, Oxford, July 17, 1878

Beautiful girl playing mandolin

Girl playing on violin, New Jersey, ca. 1870

Guitarists in Morris Run, Pennsylvania

Lady with her banjo, ca. 1880s

Playing the banjo, Napier, NZ, 1888

Playing violin, ca. 1890s

Reynolds sisters with their violins, 1885

Three women playing guitar, cello, and violin in southern Ohio

Victorian girl playing lap harp

Woman playing accordion, ca. 1860s

Women playing a Gothic harp, ca. 1880s

Young woman with her accordion, ca. 1870s

A 1800s guitarist

A family band in Custer County, Nebraska, 1892


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