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January 13, 2016

40 Interesting and Funny Vintage Photographs of Loving Couples from between the 1900s and 1940s

Loving couple pictures are sweet, but these vintage photographs below are different...

Man and woman posing in a studio

Musicians playing outside

Couple in Halloween costumes hold a baby wearing a mask, 1949

Wedding celebration in a garden

Young man helps a girl tie up her dress, 1930

Loving couple leaning on barn wall

A couple in the yard

Man feeds a woman while friend plays baseball

Couple's heads poking from the water

Couple dancing on a boat deck

Woman poses with a bodybuilder on the beach

Couple stands in a creek while taking a photo

Couple posing in front of a large flag, 1919

Well-dressed couple sitting on their porch with their dog, 1909

Well-dressed man and woman stand next to a mountain road, c.1930s

Loving couple sitting in the parlour
Couple walking away on a dirt road

A couple climbing metal poles

Couple faces away from the camera

Happy couple riding some barrels

Man and woman embracing on a stone stoop

Kissing couple photo bombed by hiding man

Smiling African American couple poses in a parking lot

Man watches a woman shoot a rifle

Smiling man pushes his love in a wheelbarrow

Man and woman in a fur coat standing in the surf

Man and woman drinking bottles of soda

Well-dressed elderly couple on the porch with their dog

Man and woman kissing while sitting on a rock

Couple embraces against a car, 1924

Happy couple standing on a dirt road framed by trees, 1914

Man sleeping in a rocking chair with a smiling woman beside him

People riding a vintage amusement park ride, 1913

Smiling couple stand in front of a mountain

Couple riding in a horse-drawn carriage, 1914

Young couple reading a letter on the porch

"At last -- I've settled down." 1918

Two people outside with their bikes

Man and woman riding donkeys past a waterfall

Young couple standing in the yard


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