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January 18, 2016

24 Vintage Photos Show Postmen From More Than 100 Years Ago

These are what postmen from 100 years ago looked like.

A letter carrier standing in front of a mailbox at Mott Street above Park Row, 1903

A mail carrier stands with his Wagner 4-11 motorcycle next to a postal box along his route near Newell, South Dakota, 1915

A mailman in uniform carrying leather satchel and a huge backpack of newspapers and letters, ca. 1880s

A postman on New York street, 1896

A U.S rural mailman in 1914

An American letter carrier delivering mail by bicycle, ca. 1890s

An unidentified letter carrier posed in uniform, 1885

Busy postman, 1900

Early 1900s mail carrier in New York City

Mail carrier in the late 1800s

Mailman carries letter packages, 1914

Mailman carrying bags and boxes of holiday mail standing on the steps of a store, 1903

Mailman collecting letters from a mailbox, ca. 1890s

Mailman collects letters from a mailbox on New York street, ca. late 1800s

Mailman delivers mail to a woman along his route, 1908

Mailmen on scooters, 1911

Postman and pillar box, ca. 1850s

Postman delivering mail, 1912

Postman on a penny farthing, ca. 1890s

Postman with good conduct stripes, Hurstpierpoint, Brighton, 1897

Rural free delivery mail carrier on horse, 1907

Rural mail carrier on a Harley Davidson motorcycle in Bartow, Florida, 1912

The U.S. mailman in 1914

Uniformed letter carriers pose with their satchels in Newark, New Jersey, 1888



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