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December 13, 2015

Wonderful Vintage Photos of Daily Life in Germany in the 1900s

These amazing vintage photos are from a European trip of unknown photographer in 1904.

Tourists at the Frauenkirche, Nürnberg

Tower and wall, Nürnberg

Women in market, Bayreuth,Bavaria

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany, 1904

Armillarsphere, Potsdam, 1904

At a market in Bayreuth, Germany, 1904

At a market in Nürnberg, 1904

Building shocks, Germany

City view of Dresden

Cutting hay with oxen, Germany, 1904

Friedens-Engel memorial in Munchen, 1904

German man and couple, 1904

Ladies leaving church, Germany, 1904

Linderhof, Ludwig II's Palace in Bavaria

Market in Bayreuth

Market, Nürnberg, Germany

Men killing time, Germany, 1904

Ornate building in Germany, 1904

Replica windmill in Sans Souci Park, Potsdam

Roadside shrines, Germany, 1904

Rooftop view in Nürnberg, Germany, 1904

Stone wall in Nürnberg, 1904

(Photos from Bill Nelson)


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