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December 23, 2015

Vintage Photographs Capture the Stars of Hollywood's Golden Age Celebrating Christmas in Style

In the Golden Age of Hollywood, the stars of Tinseltown celebrated Christmas in style.

Bob Hope and and Doris Day appeared with Santa in Hollywood in 1948 the day before he performed in Berlin for troops working on the airlift.

Shirley Temple modeled a new Christmas dress in 1935.

Frank Sinatra and his family came together with Dean Martin and his family for a 1967 appearance on the 'Dean Martin Show.'

Marilyn Monroe posed in her stockings for this seductive 1951 photo. That year she was voted 'the present all GI's would like to find in their Christmas stocking.'

Actor Glenn Ford, left, dressed up as Santa Claus, along with four other actors, for the 1949 film 'Mr Soft Touch.'

Actress Jayne Mansfield danced with U.S. soldiers stationed in Canada for a Christmas 1961 appearance.

Ida Lupino, a Warner Brothers star, spanks Saint Nick, 1942.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono bought a large billboard in Times Square in 1969 declaring that 'War is over if you want it.'

Actress Anne Jeffreys pops out of a package, 1946.

Audrey Hepburn cuddled up to Santa Claus in 1953.

Diana Doris, a British actress, is seen in 1947 with a Christmas greeting written in French.

Bob Hope is seen with actress Helen Wood in this 1938 gagshot of him climbing out of a chimney.

(via Daily Mail Online)


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