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December 30, 2015

Vintage Photographs Capture People Waiting in Line for 'Star Wars' in the Summer of 1977

In the summer of 1977, as moviegoers caught Star Wars fever for the first time, there were plenty of bell bottoms and zero costumes in the long lines outside theaters. These photos take a look at the culture of "Star Wars" lines from 1977.

People waiting in line for "Star Wars" in the summer of 1977. (AP Photo/Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun)

Moviegoers stand in line for an afternoon showing of "Star Wars" in London in December 1977. (AP Photo)

Theater goers wait in lines in front of the Avco Center Theater in Los Angeles to see "Star Wars." June 7, 1977. (AP Photo)

Crowds flocked to see "Star Wars" during its opening weekend in May 1977. This was the scene outside Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. (AP Photo)

Crowds stood in line for hours to see the original "Star Wars" in the summer of 1977. (AP Photo)

Theater goers waited in line on June 7, 1977 at Avco Center Theater in Los Angeles to see "Star Wars," which had seats sold out for every performance since it had opened 12 days prior. (AP Photo)

Fans lined up during opening weekend on May 25, 1977 to see "Star Wars" at the Coronet Theatre in San Francisco. (San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis)

A full page ad for "Star Wars" in The Oregonian in 1977.


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