December 17, 2015

Vintage Pictures of Weird Female Costumes That Make You Can't Help Laughing

Looking through history, fashion can range from beautiful to bizarre. Here are some strange fashions from various moments in time...

Japanese girl in dragonfly dress, 1920

Ladies in alcohol bottle costumes

Pinup mermaid, ca. 1940s

Queen of lemons, 1920

Space age fashion for Vogue Italia, November 1965

Spider ladies, ca. 1920s

The Dolly sisters, ca. 1920s

The sausage queen, 1955

Woman in cabbage costume

Woman in Christmas Tree dress

Woman with eggs and chicks hat

Women in two tone dresses

A young girl with a lot of glasses on her face, ca. 1960s

Ballet artists in weird costumes, 1922

Beautiful girl in cactus bathsuit, ca. 1930s

ca. 1920s

Candle light costume, ca. 1920s

Chicken man

Girl in bathsuit with a loophole coat


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