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December 2, 2015

13 Vintage Photos Show Christmas Shopping in New York in the Past

These vintage images show the air immediately before Christmas in New York in the past.

Christmas rush at Macy's in NYC, 1947

Christmas shoppers fill the sidewalk at 42nd Street and Sixth Ave,  New York City, 1929

Christmas shoppers in New York City, ca. 1910-15

Christmas shopping in New York City, 1913

Christmas shopping in New York City, 1945

Christmas shopping in NYC, ca. 1930s

Christmas toy seller on street, NYC, ca. 1910s

Christmas window shopping in New York City, ca. 1950s

Crowd of holiday shoppers outside of Macy's, NYC, 1939

Last minute Christmas Eve shoppers gather in front of Macy's window display in New York, Dec. 24, 1946

Manhattan Christmas window shopping, New York, 1947

New York Christmas window shoppers

After the Christmas shopping rush, 1948


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