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December 14, 2015

1930s Working Out Style – Cigarette Cards Illustrated 25 Simple Exercises for Men and Women

In the days of the 1930s, when 'fitness' and 'cigarettes' were yet opposed to one another, the fitness-concerned man or woman had to look no further than their nearest pack to find a handy-dandy workout routine. (via The Passion of Former Days)

This particular set of 50 cigarette cards were each printed with an exercise, illustrated on the front and described on the back. There were 25 each for men and women--because, of course, men and women couldn't possibly benefit from the same exercises.

Exercise 1. For the thigh muscles.

Exercise 2. For loosening the shoulders and improving the carriage.

Exercise 3. For slimming the waist.

Exercise 4. For the waist.

Exercise 5. For the legs generally.

Exercise 6. For generally loosening the body.

Exercise 7. For the knee joints and abdomen.

Exercise 8. For the hips, trunk and thighs.

Exercise 9. For the hips, and lower back.

Exercise 10. To attain suppleness.

Exercise 11. Stretching leg and thigh muscles.

Exercise 12. For the leg muscles.

Exercise 13. For the abdomen.

Exercise 14. For the hips.

Exercise 15. For the sides of the hips.

Exercise 16. For the thighs and the trunk.

Exercise 17. For flexing leg muscles.

Exercise 18. For the neck and spine.

Exercise 19. For increasing the bust.

Exercise 20. For that "gone in" feeling.

Exercise 21. To give your back a beautiful curb.

Exercise 22. Trunk exercise.

Exercise 23. Exercise for the back.

Exercise 24. Shoulder exercise.

Exercise 25. Abdominal exercise.

Exercise 1. Developing the biceps.

Exercise 2. For the muscles of the lower back.

Exercise 3. Reducing the abdomen.

Exercise 4. For the muscles on the top of the shoulders.

Exercise 5. For the muscles at the back of the neck.

Exercise 6. Stand with arms high above the head and fingers interlocked...

Exercise 7. Arm exercise.

Exercise 8. Arms stretching exercise.

Exercise 9. Stretching exercise.

Exercise 10. Stand legs wide apart, body bent, arms resting as shown...

Exercise 11. For the thigh muscles.

Exercise 12. For the serrated muscles under the arms.

Exercise 13. Finger and arm exercise.

Exercise 14. Leg exercise.

Exercise 15. Trunk exercise.

Exercise 16. Neck exercise.

Exercise 17. For the abdomen.

Exercise 18. Knee exercise.

Exercise 19. Leg raising exercise.

Exercise 20. Abdominal exercise.

Exercise 21. For the muscles front of the thighs.

Exercise 22. Stretching exercise.

Exercise 23. Wrist exercise.

Exercise 24. Exercise for the shoulders.

Exercise 25. Waist exercise.

(Images courtesy of New York Public Library, via The Passion of Former Days)


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