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November 23, 2015

Lovely Vintage Photos Prove that Polices Are Always Needed on Streets for Children

They chat, play, and help children for everything.

U.K. Police Sergeant Johnson stands along with six little girls dressed as angels outside the Saville Theatre, London,
where they are taking part in a matinee given in aid of the Children's League of Pity, 1947

Children on a tandem bicycle in Dublin, Ireland

Faith and confidence, 1958

Police officer playing with the children in Harlem, 1978

Police officers chat with a boy outside the Main Street Cinema during opening day at Disneyland, July 17, 1955

WPC Patricia Mulligan helps Cherry Couchman accross the road at Victoria Embankment, 1950

A boy crosses in front of a double-decker bus, pulling a miniature version behind him, UK, ca. 1950s

A Britain policeman helps a young child post a letter, ca. 1950s

A London policeman looks after some children in Bethnal Green while their mother votes in the General Election,
14 November 1935

A pensive looking police officer helps some school children across the road, ca. 1950s

A policeman chatting with toddler boys, Garden City, NY, 1942

A policeman tells off the road rules for kids

A U.K policeman comforts a crying kid


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