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November 4, 2015

Lovely Vintage Photos of Kids with Their Cameras

Let's begin becoming a photographer when to be a kid! Here is a lovely collection of 21 vintage photos of kids with their cameras.

A 3-year-old kid trying to shoot with his Kodak Bantam, Barboursville, West Virginia, ca. 1950s

A 5-year-old German boy with a keen eye for photography, 1910

A 10-year-old girl with her father's large Graflex camera at the beach in Melbourne, Australia, ca. 1950s

A boy with a Kodak Baby Brownie camera, U.S, ca. 1930s

A child with a Brownie camera, 1900

A kid holding a Kodak Baby Brownie Special camera

A little boy with a Agfa Ansco Shur Shot box camera in the early 1940s

A little girl using a Photake to shoot her dog

A little trying to make a self-portrait with her camera, 1915

A young photographer capturing a kiss on camera at a children’s party at Alexandra Palace, London, 1926

Fantastic camera girl

Little boy and his Heidecke Rolleicord camera

Little girl photographing a dog, 1910

Little Shirley Temple and her camera, 1934

Little Tsarevich Alexei Romanov holding his mom's camera, March 1907

Little Tsarevich Alexei Romanov in a straw hat holding his mom's photo camera, March 1907

Quarter plate Century Graphic in the hands of a little girl

Three children holding their cameras, St. Louis, Missouri, 1910

Young child using a camera

young girl with her Brownie camera, ca. 1930s

Young Ohio girl with a Ciro-flex twin lens reflex camera in the early 1950s


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