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November 16, 2015

33 Amazing Vintage Pictures of American Architectures Under Construction

America is the place where always has many the most modern buildings in the world both past and present. And here are 33 amazing vintage photos of American architectures under construction in the past.

1. Empire State Building under construction, 1929-1931.

2. Adler Planetarium under construction in Chicago, Illinois, 1929.

3. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge under construction, 1935.

4. Brooklyn Bridge during construction, 1874.

5. Chrysler Building under construction, New York, 1929.

6. Construction of Disneyland, 1954.

7. Construction of George Washington section of Mount Rushmore monument, 1940.

8. Construction of Hangar One at NASA Sunnyvale, California, 1931 - 1934.

9. Construction of the Lincoln Memorial, 1914-1922.

10. Construction of the Manhattan Bridge, ca. 1900s.

11. Construction of the Space Needle, Seattle, ca. 1960s.

12. Construction of Unisphere, Queens, New York World's Fair, 1964.

13. Dodger Stadium under construction, Los Angeles, California, May 25, 1960.

14. Flatiron Building under construction, 1902.

15. Golden Gate Bridge under construction, San Francisco, between 1935 and 1937.

16. Hollywood Sign under construction, 1923.

17. Jackson Building in downtown Asheville at mid-construction, North Carolina, ca. 1920s.

18. Los Angeles City Hall under construction, 1927.

19. Penn Station under construction, New York City, 1908.

20. Rockefeller Center under construction in New York, 1932.

21. Singer Building under construction, New York, 1907.

22. St Patrick's Cathedral under construction, NYC, 1868.

23. Statue of Liberty in Paris, France getting ready to ship to the U.S, ca. 1880s.

24. The Mackinac Bridge under construction, ca. 1950s.

25. The Sears Tower under construction in Chicago, Illinois, 1972.

26. The Tribune Tower under construction, Michigan Ave, Chicago, 1924.

27. The U.S. Capitol building under construction, 1860.

28. The Williamsburg Bridge under construction in New York, 1902.

29. Times Building under construction, Times Square, New York, 1904.

30. United Nations Secretariat Building under construction, Manhattan, New York City, November 1949.

31. Woolworth Building, New York City, 1913.

32. World Trade Center Towers in construction, February 1970.

33. World's Fair Ferris Wheel construction, 1904.


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