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November 19, 2015

23 Rare and Extraordinary Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Famous Classic Movies You May Not Have Seen Before

When we watch our favorite movies, we rarely think about the huge amount of professionals who create all the iconic superheroes, wizards and other on-screen characters. There’s a different side to the life of these fantasy worlds created on screen that we never see.

Here's a collection of rare behind-the-scenes photos of famous classic movies you may not have seen before...

Alfred Hitchcock on the set of Topaz (1969).

Sophia Loren in The Pride and the Passion (1957).

Metropolis (1927, Fritz Lang); photo by Horst von Harbou. Filmed using the Sch├╝fftan Process, a precursor of the bluescreen. The technique used mirrors to create the illusion of live actors in huge sets (which in actuality were miniatures of scenery composed of painted or modeled backgrounds).

Sophia Loren and Clark Gable in It Started In Naples (1960).

Federico Fellini auditioning in Paris for Casanova, 1975.

Notable moments in pre-Code Hollywood: The Sign of the Cross (1932), in which Cecil B. DeMille re-created in sadistic detail the excesses of the “Arena Games” in Nero’s Rome.

The leopard whom Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn) and David Huxley (Cary Grant) chase all through Bringing Up Baby was an eight-year-old female named Nissa.

Fiona Fullerton in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972).

The Conformist (1970)

Tamara Dobson in Cleopatra Jones (1973)

Crimefighter/master of disguise “Judex” (Channing Pollock) makes a dramatic entrance in Georges Franju's Judex (1963).

Vivre sa vie (1962)

James Dean poses for a photo on the set of the Warner Bros film East Of Eden in 1954 in California.

Laurence Olivier, Tony Curtis and Peter Ustinov on the set of Spartacus (1960).

Peter O'Toole communes with his co-star on the set of Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward on the set of The Long, Hot Summer (1958).

The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966).

Actors Natalie Wood actor Richard Beymer perform balcony scene in 1961 film West Side Story directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise.

Jean Seberg in Breathless (1960).

Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann while filming Psycho (1960).

Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther (1963).

Kichiemon Nakamura and Shima Iwashita in Double Suicide (1969).

Anna Karina in Alphaville (1965).


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