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November 8, 2015

22 Awesome Vintage Photos of Skateboarding in New York City in the Early 1960s

Bill Eppridge of Life magazine captured some of awesome vintage photos of the dawn of New York City skating in the early 1960s. Here they are:

A group of boys skate down a street that probably hasn't been paved since

Skaters pose for a photo in Central Park while the boy on the right stifles his vomit

A kid wipes out on a homemade board and take his friend down with him

A woman positions her dog on a skateboard while a turnt-up young boy body-boards past her

The raddest dude to ever live bombs a hill in Central Park

A young boy butt-boards, looking ashamed that he can't hang with the big dogs

A barefooted skater shows off some fresh road rash

A girl wearing a shirt I wish I owned practices pushing in Central Park

A group of friends configure a human skate throne in Central Park

A well-dressed man cruises down the streets of New York, breaking hearts as he goes

A group of friends gets creative in the streets while ladies throw shade in the background

A ridiculously photogenic skater steals the spotlight in the streets of NYC

A girl in the most awesome jacket ever cruises down an NYC side street

A group of kids practice a new trick called the three-headed monster that onlookers flee in terror

Spectators gawk at the highest pants in history

The world's coolest couple bombs a hill in Central Park

The two best friends there ever were skate arm-in-arm in the Park

A skater offers his friend up as a sacrifice to the skate gods

A young boy challenges a pigeon (not pictured) to a game of Skate Or Die

A body-boarder makes a nearby bike rider seem exponentially cooler by comparison

A girl smiles at her sweater's futile attempts to strangle her

A human pyramid of awesomeness makes its way through Central Park


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