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November 6, 2015

22 Amazing Vintage Photos of Everyday Life of Doha, Qatar in the 1960s

Here is a collection of amazing color photos of everyday life in Doha-the capital of Qatar in late 1966 and early 1967.

A part of the suq (market) in Doha, 17 February 1967

A Qatari treat, 8 December 1966

Among the dhows, Doha seafront, Qatar, 1967

Back of the Ruler's Palace, Doha, Qatar, 1967

Doha seafront, 17 February 1967

Dressed in all its finery, 1967

Dressing the camel, 1967

Jewellery maker, Doha suq, Qatar, 1966

Part of the Old Fort, Doha, Qatar, 1966

Preparing the feast, 8 December 1966

Preparing the meal, 8 December 1966

Qatari chldren, Doha, 17 Feb 1967

Sandal-sellers, Doha, Qatar, 17 February 1967

Seafront fishermen, Doha, Qatar, 17 February 1967

Seafront scene, Doha, Qatar, 1967

Shark on Sidewinder oil rig, Doha, Qatar, 1966

Sheep and cattle along the seafront, Doha, Qatar, December 1966

Suq and gathering place, Doha, Qatar, 1967

The suq, Doha, Qatar, 1967

Time for coffee, 8 December 1966

Tomato market in Doha suq, Qatar, 17 February 1967

A helicopter ride from Doha, Qatar (Middle East) to the Seashell oil rig, 28 January 1967

(Photos from Anne Elliott)


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