November 14, 2015

15 Heartwarming Vintage Photos of Soldiers and Their Kids That Will Touch Into Your Soul

War is not just the hell, it is also the disconnection, and of course the sadness...

A Canadian soldier kisses his daughter goodbye before going off to war, Quebec, 1914

A soldier kisses his son goodbye as children are evacuated to the countryside, 1940

A soldier kissing his daughter goodbye before he leaves Britain

A soldier on a troop train taking leave of his wife and young children, September 1939

A soldier says goodbye to his wife and infant child in Pennsylvania Station before shipping put for service in World War II, New York, 1943

A US soldier is welcomed home by his wife and baby, 1940s

A WWII Greek soldier kissing his daughter to say goodbye

A WWII soldier give his son a kiss before leaving

Army, U.S. troops coming home, 1917

Soldier and his child in London, March 1940

Soviet soldier returning to greet his daughter, 1945

'Wait for me, daddy' - One of the most famous Canadian photographs of WWII

Wife of a departing soldier lifts her son for farewell embrace, Oklahoma, 1945

WWII soldier reuniting with his wife and son

A British soldier with his 8 month old daughter as he arrives at the docks from overseas, 1945


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