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October 8, 2015

These Ridiculous Propaganda Postcards Warn Men About the Dangers of Women’s Rights From the Early 20th Century

These incredible vintage postcards are from 1900 to 1914, from the propaganda used against the women’s suffrage and the suffragettes, where change is presented as a direct attack against the values of the family and the place of man in society, sending husbands back at home to look after the children...

In 1910, the National American Woman Suffrage Association distilled their best arguments into one-paragraph gems printed on postcards. Their “Think It Over” series proved to be not only an excellent consciousness-raiser but fundraiser as well, since NAWSA received a commission on each card sold. Here’s a particularly insightful one:

Some other sample sayings on these postcards:
The Declaration of Independence was the direct result of taxation without representation. Either exempt WOMAN from taxation or grant her the right of Equal Suffrage. What is sauce for the GANDER is sauce for the Goose. 
Woman, if granted the right of Equal Suffrage, would not endeavor to pass new laws for the benefit of WOMAN only. She would work and vote with MAN on all legislation.... 
WOMAN should not condemn MAN because she has not the right of franchise–rather condemn parents for having trained their sons since the beginning of time, in the belief that MAN only is competent to vote.



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