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October 22, 2015

These 20 Creepy Vintage Photos Will Haunt Your Sleep

These 20 photographs from the olden days are so creepy they will give you nightmares...

1. This is what kids made do with pre-Barbie

2. Who's the guy?

3. Nice masks

4. The stuff of nightmares

5. No kids are going to see this show

6. The creepiest fancy dress party ever

7. Frankenstein's Monster Jnr

8. It's not just the crows who are scared

9. Seem like a nice bunch

10. Fright in white

11. If you see this lot march into your town... run

12. Happy families

13. The blushing bride

14. Seems like a nice family dinner, until you see that

15. Mum and dad are really cool

16. This guy isn't at all weird in any way

17. Come on kids, sit on the easter bunny's knee

18. There's something behind you

19. She'll catch her death out there

20. Bad Santa


  1. #4 Is The witch Bathsheba and the Annabelle doll from The Conjuring movie.

    #10 Is from a film called Begotten

    #13 Is definitely photoshoped.

  2. #2 Is just a guy in the background.




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