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October 29, 2015

Stunning Vintage Pictures of Everyday Life in Netherlands in 1904

Here are some stunning black and white photos of everyday life in cities in Netherlands that were shot by an unknown photographer from a trip in 1904.

A street scene in Monnickendam, 1904

A street scene in Netherlands, 1904

A street scene in Volendam

Boats at the dock, Marken

Canal and Cheese Market, Alkmaar

Cheese Market, Alkmaar

Children in a school in Netherlands, 1904

Dordrecht, Netherlands

Fishing boats at the dock, Volendam

In Marken, Netherlands

Laundry Day, Marken

Man with dog cart

Marken Girls, Marken

Marken street scene

Men and boat, Marken

Men and girl on the dock, Marken

Spuiwater Canal, Rotterdam

Steigersgrachtwater, Rotterdam

Street scene in front of the Hotel Spaander in Volendam

Two windmills along a canal in Landsmeer

(Photos from Bill Nelson)



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