October 19, 2015

Rarely Seen Photographs From a Photo Session of The Beatles at the Beginning in 1961

Black and white photographs of The Beatles, including Pete Best, taken by Albert Marrion on Sunday 17 December 1961. Marrion, a local Liverpool photographer, was hired by The Beatles’ new manager, Brian Epstein, to take a few photographs of the band.

Albert Marrion actually tooks about thirty photographs… but discarded all but sixteen negatives because many showed Lennon and McCartney acting up and spoiling the pose.

The first image served as the “master print” for the Beatles first autograph cards and their appearance on the front cover of Mersey Beat magazine, while you can find the last one used as cover sleeve for The Decca Tapes album, a bootleg from the audition the Beatles performed in Decca on 1 January 1962.

(via Beatles Archive)


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