October 6, 2015

Rare Vintage Photographs of Pushcart Markets, New York from the 1900s

There used to be a pushcart market from about 102 to 110 streets, Park Avenue to First Avenue. From Park to about Third the neighborhood was Jewish; from there to First, Italian.

Note the rubber tires on the trolley. It looks as if two trolleys are passing each other. This was taken in the Italian neighborhood. This area is now covered by Housing Projects.

Pushcart market in the Italian neighborhood.

This was taken in the Jewish neighborhood of the pushcart market between 102 and 110 streets. The number on the window of the H. Gordon store at the right is 1380, which would be between 103 and 104 streets on Park Avenue.

Pushcarts in the Jewish neighborhood.

Orchard Street, Looking north from Grand St., New York, 1906.

Outdoor market

Looking North on Orchard Street. Note the car at the right is a Model T Ford, which first came on the market in 1909.

Looking north on Elizabeth Street from Prince Street. Low, snow topped buildings in background are on Bleecker Street.


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