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October 23, 2015

42 Interesting Vintage Automobile Ads in the Last Decades

Imagine it for a moment: you’re living sometime in the 1800s, and as you tie up your horse after a long trip, you see it… those big bold letters, a snazzy font, and that almost otherworldly word, “car” now linked to an engineering marvel.

While many of us probably don’t remember our first automobile advertisement, the history of the car parallels the rise of modern marketing in many ways. Today, we’re going to dive into that history a bit more and take a look at what’s gone into a car advertisement in the last decades...

Advertising for the model Fiat 3 1/2 HP, 1899

Advertising for the Panhard Dyna Junior, 1953

Auburn car advertising, 1927

BMW 700 advertising, 1959

Buick advertising, 1918

Buick vintage advertising, 1946

Cadillac advertising, 1931

Cadillac advertising, 1937

Cadillac advertising, 1959

Citroën Traction Avant advertising, 1938

 Advertising for Clément cars, 1905

DeSoto advertising, 1932

DeSoto advertising, 1958

DKW advertising, 1932

Duesenberg advertising, 1929

Horch advertising, August 1937

Jeep advertising, 1945

Jeep Cherokee advertising, 1963

 Advertising for Jeep Gladiator, 1962

Jeepster advertising, 1948

Jeepster advertising, 1950

Lincoln advertising, 1931

Lincoln advertising, 1933

Lincoln advertising, 1935

Lincoln advertising, 1950

Lincoln Zephyr advertising from 1939

Mercedes-Benz car advertising, 1928

Messerschmitt Kabinenroller 200 advertising, 1955

Oldsmobile advertising, 1950

Oldsmobile advertising, 1955

Panhard Dyna Z advertising, 1954.

Panhard Dyna Z advertising, 1954

Renault 4L advertising, 1960

Renault advertising, 1934

Simca 1000 advertising,  1961

Simca 1000 advertising, 1961

Studebaker advertising, 1906

The 10 hp Citroën advertising, 1919

Unimog advertising, 1950

Willys-Overland advertising in the 1950s

1964 Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser advertising

(Images via Philippe Freyhof)


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