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October 27, 2015

40 Pictures From The Past That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed

Everything is so terrible now, and you never get to ...

1. See a young child and a dog settle their differences in the ring once and for all.

2. See a dapper gentleman ride a tiny horse.

3. See true patriots like this little girl.

4. See weird knights who have to go to the bathroom.

5. See badass ladies hanging out like this.

6. See a kitten being 'held by the enemy'.

7. See children enjoying a smoke with roosters.

8. See three dudes slightly caress a chicken.

9. See a baby who is best friend with two crocodiles.

10. See anyone hunt giant grasshoppers.

11. See elephants going for a Sunday drive.

12. Ride a tandem bike with a friendly skeleton anymore.

13. See a crow help a child to sleep.

14. Spend your Friday nights getting wasted with gorillas.

15. See anyone with the prestigious title of Donut Queen.

16. Drive around and enjoy a smoke with a baby.

17. See six men playing tuba lead a train to its destination.

18. Live in constant fear of this lady.

19. See dogs at the top of the Top 40 pop songs.

20. See any life-changing inventions like this ice-cold whiskey dispenser.

21. See this reaction to someone eating watermelon.

22. See little kids casually posing with saws.

23. See lions riding shotgun.

24. Hear the cool, refreshing tunes of a monkey playing the piano for three dogs.

25. See children hitch rides on the back of adults.

26. Enjoy a movie surrounded by several of your closest dog friends.

27. Be terrified of two little girls on rollerskates who are ordering you not to be a scab.

28. See just how a dog gets its hair so perfect.

29. See people casually taking their lobsters for a stroll.

30. See cats hanging out in a pot of soup.

31. See barrels that tell us what to worry about.

32. See a giant mouse fix your dress while you're slow-dancing.

33. See this horrifying thing.

34. Ride around on a bike this stylish.

35. Live in constant fear of being chased by a roving mob of penguins.

36. Pose next to your best friend Rubber.

37. See people spending a little extra money to make sure their poor little pig doesn't get too wet.

38. See two goats go down a slide together.

39. See a show like this.

40. See Batman riding an elephant into battle.

(via BuzzFeed)


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