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October 18, 2015

27 Interesting Color Photos of Marionette Theater in the 1950s

Here is an interesting collection of 27 vintage color photos of marionette theater in the 1950s.

Alice in wonderland meets the white rabbit

Alice in wonderland

Arriving at Peter's cottage

At the beach

Beach fun

Beach party

Clara gives Heidi some rolls to take

Daddy and mother play with trinket

Daddy makes a dog house

Fairy godmother appears to Cinderella

Heidi Ponders in her room

Heidi reads to Clara

Heidi sits

Jane and Michael pick out Gingerbread

Little Beaver helps Poco onto land and wate

Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood and woodsman leave grandmother

Rootie Kazootie and Polka Dottie

Rootie Kazootie and Poochie play in yard

Someone's been sleeping in my bed

Swing set

The box crawls out of the hole

The three bears - Goldilocks on mamas bed

Three bears on lawn at work

Uncle reads letter to Heidi

What big eyes you have

Wicked queen fell dead - Snow White and the seven dwarves

(Photos from The Cardboard America Archives)


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