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October 11, 2015

25 Photos of Freddie Mercury That Will Make You Love and Miss Him More

Freddie Mercury (1946–1991) was a British singer-songwriter and producer. As the frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury was one of the most talented and innovative singers of the rock era.

We know his most famous photos and videos, which are mostly from concerts, video clips and special shoots. So here's a collection of 25 photos that can show you the real Freddie, some of which you've probably never seen.

1. Baby Freddie: Natural born cool

2. Kid with confidence

3. High school Freddie

4. He was always cool, never boring!

5. The ‘Hates waiting’ Freddie

6. Busted in the shower Freddie

7. He loved tea and Earl Grey was his all-time favorite

8. Workout under the sun

9. Push-up Freddie

10. Cat Lover Freddie

11. He even made a song about his cat, Delilah

12. He was a cat person but also loved the dogs

13. Romantic Latino Freddie

14. Purple Bohemian. “I see a little silhouetto of a man”

15. Hey Taxi!

16. Friends with Micheal Jackson

17. Always elegant Freddie

18. Montserrat Caballé and Freddie

Freddie was a huge fan of opera and Montserrat Caballé. They met and at the same night decided to make an album together. A rock opera album that we know as the magnificent Barcelona album.

19. Freddie from outer space

20. Football fan Freddie

21. Shy to pose Freddie

22. Party boy Freddie

23. Well-groomed Freddie

24. Freddie in the Kitchen

25. Always fabolous Freddie

(via Atomicrowd)



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