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October 2, 2015

24 Rare Vintage Pictures of Melbourne in the 1800s

Here is Melbourne in the 1800s through rare and amazing vintage photos.

Ballarat railway station, ca. 1800s

Bourke Street from Parliament House, 1885

Bourke Street, Melbourne, 1888

Corner of Collins and Russell Sts., Melbourne, 1879

Elizabeth Street, Melbourneca, 1800s

Flinders Street railway station, 1885

Flinders Street railway station, ca. late 1800s

Flinders Street Station (left of pic) on the south-west corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets stood the Old Fish Market,
ca. 1880s

Melbourne Docklands in the 1800s

Melbourne in the late 1800s

Melbourne in the late 1800s

Melbourne's first cable tram service; between Bridge Road, Richmond, and Spencer Street via Flinders Street,
11 November 1885

North Melbourne, Victoria, 1858

Pier Port Melbourne, 1871

Pier Port Melbourne, 1890

Richmond Town Hall, ca. 1890s

Swanston Street, Melbourne, ca. 1890s

Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1872

The eastern end of Collins Street from the Treasury Building, ca. 1880s

The Melbourne Exhibition Building had an impressive lake, 1880

The Melbourne Terminus in the mid 1800s

The Menzies Hotel, corner Bourke and William Streets, Melbourne, ca. 1870s

the Queens Arms Hotel, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1880

Visitors to Melbourne Zoo, 1895


  1. how did we do all this on horse and cart and without power tools?

    1. Exactly right......such primitive technology Vs. even today's technology; that cannot recreate that majestic work!!! Look beyond what they "teach" us and it's a wonder why we never looked deeper before...

  2. And take a look at how horrible Melbourne looks/smells/feels is now.




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