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October 9, 2015

23 Interesting Vintage Photos of Readers in the early 1900s

Reading is always an everyday great habit. Here is an interesting collection of amazing vintage photos of readers before and in the early 1900s.

Relaxing in the Dead Sea in the early 20th century

The beautiful Lewis Carroll, aged 25, 2nd June 1857

The ghost of the reader, 1902

The walking library, London, England

Tourists at the Frauenkirche, Nürnberg, Germany, 1904

Two beautiful ladies reading together, 1920s

A boy sits reading in a bombed bookstore, London, 8 October 1940

A donkey and a girl reading together

A pretty girl reading on the edge of chair

A young girl reading on a ladder

An odd place to read, 1915

Beautiful geishas reading together

Children selecting their books at the East Ham Public Library, 21 April 1934

Cute dog standing with back legs to read newspaper with its owner

Family reading time

Infantry pioneers reading newspaper on the Western Front in October 1916

Little girl reading with elephant

Relaxing in the Dead Sea, 1916

Two cute children, 1908

Reading in the roof garden at Adelaide House after lunch, 12 June 1937

Reading the newspaper in the garden, 1914

Reading to monkey

Reading together on the porch, July 1922


  1. Isn’t a bit strange that your captions describe the women in the images using adjectives such as “beautiful/young/pretty” but as per the man you write in a straight forward manner, like “boy sitting/relaxing in the Dead Sea/with the owner”.
    Why couldn’t it be for example “young boy/handsome man as his cute dog standing with back legs to ‘read’ newspaper”.
    Doesn’t it sound weird using adjectives to describe a picture with a man in it? But natural when it’s a woman.

  2. Just an observation… great curation by the way.




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