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October 31, 2015

20 Vintage Color Photos of Vehicles on the Streets of Tokyo in 1957

Here is a small collection of 20 vintage color found photos showing vehicles on the streets of Tokyo in 1957.

A blue and white train in Tokyo, 1957

A bunch of Japan Post delivery vehicles parking at a post office in Tokyo, 1957

A cool old convertible car on the street in Tokyo in 1957

A delivery rickshaw on the street in Tokyo, 1957

A green and orange train making its way through Tokyo, 1957

A Tokyo train passing by a billboard for the 1956 movie 'The Wrong Man' in 1957

A trolley car and bus driving in front of Ginza Mitsukoshi in 1957

A truck and a bus on the street in Tokyo in 1957

A vintage delivery truck on the street in Tokyo in 1957 that says 'Ito's Enriched Bread'

A Volkswagen Beetle on the street of Tokyo, 1957

An old delivery or dump truck in Tokyo, 1957

Ginza trolley cars, 1957

Ikebukuro train, 1957

The Japanese Tsubame train somewhere in Tokyo in 1957

Tokyo cars, 1957

Tokyo sightseeing bus in 1957

Tokyo street car and bus, 1957

Tokyo train, 1957

Vintage cars and bicycles on the streets of Tokyo, 1957

Vintage cars on the street in Tokyo, 1957

(Photos from Vintage Japan-esque)


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