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September 4, 2015

17 Rare Vintage Photos of Zagreb in the 19th Century

Here is a small collection of 17 rare vintage photos of Zagreb in the 19th century.

Hotel Pruckner, Zagreb, 1844

Harmica, Zagreb, 1861

The Swiss house, Zagreb, 1864

Turnstile horse tram at the entrance to the Maksimir Park, Zagreb, 1871

Jurjevac, Zagreb, 1871

Hotel K Caru Austrijanskomu, Zagreb, 1880

Tkalčićeva street, Zagreb, 1886

Rudolf Barracks main building, Zagreb, 1889

Petrinjska, Zagreb, 1890

Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, ca. 1890

Economic fair in the place where today the National Theatre, Zagreb, 1891

Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, 1891

The Zagreb Botanical Garden, 1892

 Ilica near the intersection with the Frankopan, 1893

Peter Preradović Monument, 1895

Petar Preradović Square and the Orthodox Church, 1897

Kaptol, Zagreb, ca. 1899


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