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September 12, 2015

12 Amazing Vintage Photos of The Moon and Apollo Missions

Apollo 15 embarked in July of 1971 and was the fourth mission in which humans walked on the moon. Two astronauts, Commander David R. Scott and LM (Lunar Module) pilot James B. Irwin, were shown during their 4 days on the lunar surface. Shortly thereafter, the Apollo 17 mission landed, in December of 1972, and would be the sixth and final mission in which humans would roam the moon.

The photographs from the 17th mission include: Commander Eugene A. Cernan, LM pilot Harrison H. Schmitt and CM (Command Module) pilot Ronald E. Evans. Some activities depicted in the collection of twelve images include: the retrieval of a film canister on the outside of a spacecraft, the preparation of a LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle), collection of lunar samples and, of course, the overall exploration of the moon’s surface.

Astronaut Irwin with lunar roving vehicle, July 26, 1971

Lunar activities during the Apollo 15 mission, July/August 1971

Lunar roving vehicle during the Apollo 15 mission, July 1971

Scott gives salute, August 1, 1971

Astronaut James Irwin gives salute beside U.S. flag during lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA), August 1, 1971

Cernan driving the rover, December 1, 1972

Apollo 17 lunarscape: A magnificent desolation, December 1, 1972

Apollo 17 command/service modules photographed from lunar module in orbit, December 1, 1972

Schmitt with flag and earth above, December 13, 1972

Apollo 17 astronaut Evans retrieves film canister during space walk, December 14, 1972

Apollo 17 onboard photo of area near the Valley of Tourus-Littrow on the lunar surface, December 14, 1972

Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt collects lunar rock samples
(via George Eastman House)


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