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August 31, 2015

Rare Photos of the Famous Outlaw Jesse James From the Late 19th Century

Jesse James was a bank and train robber in the American Old West, best known as the leading member of the James-Younger gang of outlaws.

A teenager when he rode off to join Confederate guerrillas in 1864, Jesse James never really stopped fighting the Civil War. Unable to accept the defeat of the secessionist cause, Jesse trained his fury on banks, trains and stagecoaches.

He fancied himself a modern Robin Hood, robbing from Radical Republicans and giving to the poor. But the myth hid the darker reality of a repeat murderer whose need for attention kept him committing crimes long after the cause he championed was gone.

Below are some rare photos of Jesse James, also known as Jesse Woodson James, from a kid to his dead.

Jesse, around age seven, with his five year old sister, Susan, ca. 1854

Jesse Woodson James is on the far left next to his parents Orpha Elizabeth and William M James

Jesse James, Platte City, Missouri, July 10, 1864

Jesse James and his closest friend during the Civil War, Little Archie Clements, ca. 1864-65

Jesse James, Nashville, Tennessee, 1866

Jesse James, the second from the right

Jesse James next the chair, San Francisco, California, 1867

Jesse (right), Frank James (middle), and Fletch Taylor, Nashville, Tenessee, June of 1867

Jesse James, the third from the left, and the lady to his left is Zee Mimms, his cousin and future wife, Octorber 1868

Jesse James, Greenville, Illinois, 1869

Outlaw Jesse James

Frank and Jesse James

Jesse James, the second from the left

Jesse James, his wife Zerelda Mimms, and his daughter

Jesse James and Cadwell Chiles

Jesse was taken at a studio in Long Branch, New Jersey, 1871

Jesse and Frank James, Carolina, Illinois, 1872

Jesse James, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1874

Outlaw Jesse James, Nebraska City, 1875

Jesse James, 1876

Jesse (left) and Frank, ca. 1875-76

Jesse James with Frank James and other members of the James Gang, Nashville, Tennessee in 1880

Jesse James in his coffin, 1882


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    1. Exactly....think just 2 or 3 are Jesse...

  2. Jesse Woodson James (September 5, 1847 – April 3, 1882)His father left his mother for gold. 1)16Jesse James witnessed band of fedmilitiamen appear James farm looking for older brother, Frank James, a Quantrill’s Raiders Then He joinup1863-4.And 2.)Utube JesseJames Research uncover:3)Book:Del Schrader 4)Jesse Secret meet Crittenden5.)Margaret-Chase-JoeJesseChase-LeeHowkJames 6.)Did Jesse wed 1st cousin Zerelda or she wife Charlie Bigelow 7.)Images on bricks Bigelow brothers:Bricks Found St joesph Mo idea from Sam Skates aka John Trammell live to be over 100&also identified J.Frank Dalton.8.)quantril raiders reunion start up by Frank James &after Frank died 1920s then men held up Jesse james pix/guest sign name Jesse?9.)Frank James Mom Zerelda/Sister Susan her husband allen&half brotherJohn Samuel testify at Frank trial.10.)Jesse &Frank James live Nashville 1881at814 Featherland- bldg Dixie Tabernacle/illuminati,FreeMasons/KGC,KKK also original grandoleOpry?Owners814John Trimble Jr/Jas May & down street depot master all knew James boys?11.)Jesse sandyhair/beard/blueEye190lb or did Chas Bigelow that why Dna didn't match?11.)Dick Liddil got pardon he shot Geo/Clarence/Wood hite?12.)Harrison Trow identified Jesse & at Jesse Funeral?13.)J.Frank Dalton aka Jesse James stood up chair to fix crook pix or dusk pix & most men yell at woman do it?14.) J Frank Dalton dod:8-15-1951 Or Jesse James dod: 4-3-1882?15.)Knights Golden Circle aka KGC underground-Glyphs&Hidden Treasure&markings Sioux Or some Indian symbols?16.)Grandbury Texas :jesse James The body was buried in the Sam Rash plot in the Granbury Cemetery on August 19, 1951 And John St Helen/ l David E George Lived in Grand bury Tx ,· 137 E Pearl St., Granbury, TX Enid, Oklahoma, in 1906?George or Booth,d in his effects
    was found a letter directed to K.L. Bates, of Memphis, Tenn.

  3. Geo B Hite~Sarah E Peck Hite : Geo Jr,Clarence,Robt Wood hite.Logan Co Ky. Captured Clarence Hite. Robt Woodson Hite 1850-1881.Gunfight with Dick Liddil. Dick Liddil 1852-1901.Sarah E Morris Peck Hite Testimony1883:q.)First time saw Dick Liddil?A.)Christmas1880.q.)Where see them?A.)met Hite dinner table jesse&Liddil.q.)next time?A.)March1881.q,)Next?A.)April1881.q.)those only times?A.)No.Sir.q.)saw them after that?A.)saw Dick Liddil about2 weeks after that.q.)Last time?A.)No.Saw Dick Liddil again fall1882.Q.)ever see any them after that?A.)I saw Dick Liddil Huntsville Alabama.I was there at his trial in October.q.)Was that last time?A.)it was not.I saw Dick Liddil ,about 2 months ago.q.)why would Wood Hite want to K-ll Charles Hibbs?A.)wood Hite had seen him and Jesse James(gang)inthe woods together,and Wood Hite would k_ll him from telling on them.q.)Did you send Hibbs any messagesA.)I sent Hibbs message by Townsend.q.)why did do that?A.)Wood Hite threaten me,He Woodhite came in after He k_ll Turner Or Tabor(blackman)He said he intended to K_ll Hibbs and few more men around there and~I left home afraid Wood.went Selma White Hill Tenn return Ky April1882.

  4. Jesse James 1847-1882-1951?After the blue cut robbery, Dick Liddil,and Wood Hite,came near,running into some officers at BlueMills Ferry but we dodged them by going into the woods.There we separated,Wood hite went down across the river,near Sibley and Went to Mrs Martha Ford Bolton. Then Liddil claim he went Ben Morrows,He gave food and whiskey.Then Liddil left Morrows,took Skifff at Sibley crossed over, went to Mrs Martha Ford Bolton. Then Wood Hite and Dick Liddil went Richmond mo sent word to Jesse they'd meet him at old man Hite (geo B Hite) near Adairsville Ky.Then Wood & Dick arrived Geo Hite place and after being there (wood/Liddil) had shooting scrape and I Liddil went back to Mrs Bolton ray co missouri.12-4-1881 came down breakfast, Hite & Liddil& Bob Ford,in Kitchen.They Spoke.Then commenced draw pistols,Wood hite shot 4 times and Liddil shot4 times and then snapped another barrel at Wood Hite. Then Bob Ford fired shot at Wood Hite. The Wound that killed Wood Hite was through the head. And Liddil said that Bob Ford claim that his Shot was the fatal one. Next Story: Bob Ford secret negotiations with Crittenden? Bob Ford & Charlie Ford at Jesse James in St joesph Missouri? Supposedly visiting or staying? After Breakfast, went into living room,Jesse James read newspaper learn of Dick Liddil confession? Jesse laid revolvers on sofa,got up chair,dust fix pix,above mantle?Then Bob (robert) Ford shot jesse head?April3,1882?(footnote trial Frank James: Liddil confession)

  5. James A Liddil.dob1853 dod1901. Parents James Milton Liddil (mother Eliz Forsy?).Did James Milton Liddil mary 1-24-1871 To Sarah Huston ? Liddil testimony:James Andrew Liddil left home to work live at Hudspeth Family in Jackson co Missouri and Lived at Silas Hudspeth, Robert(Bob) Hudspeth,and Benjamin Hudspeth Morrow (mother Silvia Hudspeth Morrow). In James A Liddil testimony trial Frank James.He claims he was Richmond Mo when Rbt Wood Hite died claim his shot didn't kill him but Bob Ford Shot? J.A.Liddil romance Bob Ford sister and Wood Hite had crush on her too?Date 1881-1882?Liddil said Jesse rode Bay, Frank&wood Hite rode horses that Hite and I(Liddil) stole from rack Liberty Missouri ? Liddil said Jesse/Frank fresh horses at Hudspeth's and Ben Hudspeth Morrow told Liddil that jesse want talk to him so he join up jesse for robberies?Then James A Liddil in St joesph Mo with wife _ same time that Jesse James died april3,1881? Then James Liddil in New Mexico with saloon with Bob Ford? Then James Liddil in Creede Colorado Bob Ford dies 6-8-1892?J.A.Liddil gave self up to Timberlakde in Liberty Mo1-24-1882 or story newspaper mar30-1882&rumor Jesse upset Liddil?Bob Ford sent Telegram Dick Liddil in Richmond Mo & Dick jump off train Bob greet him took to saloon both go in business with?Bob flourished in Pueblo as hehadn’t since his years as an actor with George Bunnell.Bob told Dorothy Evans that had no real memory of the shooting and its aftermath4-3-1881&he truly regretted killing Jesse,that he missed the man as much as anybody?I thought they would congratulate me and I’d getmy name in books get reward.?diamond ring that he was going to present to Dorothy as a sign of common-law marriage.Edward O. Kelly from Harrisonville, Missouri, 20 miles S Cole Younger’s farm in Lee’s Summit,missouri?Mattie Collins, wife of Dick Liddil, in st joesph mo 4-3-1881 and Hudspeth Friends (jackson co missouri )Jesse James came St joesph mo identify him and be pailbears at his funeral?

  6. A lot of these photos are not photos of Jesse James.




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