August 30, 2015

28 Rare and Intimate Photographs of The Rolling Stones in the South of France in 1971

Every fan of the Stones knows the name and history of the photographs taken at the Villa Nellcôte in Villefranche sur Mer, where Dominique Tarlé spent 6 months with the group during the recording of Exile on Mainstreet.

In 1971, The Rolling Stones, swindled by their manager, were fleeing British taxes. The members of the group settled in the South of France, and during a visit to Keith Richards’ home in April, 1977, Dominique Tarlé shot a few portraits of the Richards family. That evening, as he was thanking his hosts for the lovely evening, Keith uttered the magical and decisive sentence, “But your room is ready,” thus inviting the young photographer into both his villa and his private life.


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