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September 1, 2015

Funny Pictures of People Who Are Considered Underdressed at Rockaway Beach, New York in 1946

These days, beachgoers give nary a thought when stripping down to their skimpy bikinis and short-shorts, but 70 years ago wearing much more modest swimsuits was enough to get you a ticket from the NYPD.

These “indecent exposure” pictures below were taken by LIFE photographer Sam Shere at Rockaway Beach in 1946. Starting with a sign that reads “wear robes to and from the beach,” Shere’s series shows women sunbathing in high-wasted two-pieces, men walking the boardwalk in just their shorts, and the way in which these beach bums seem unphased by the cops writing them summonses.

Check out the collection below of this wonderful time...

1 comment:

  1. Wow.....Times sure have changed....On some ways that is good...
    However in other ways that is not so good now...

    Interesting pictures though...Rockaway used to be so different looking in certain areas....
    Yet seemed so much simpler.....I like that!




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