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August 9, 2015

8th Graders of Bullitt County Schools in Kentucky Had To Answer This Exam in 1912. It's Much Harder Than You Think!

Bullitt County History Museum, located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, received a copy of a 1912 eighth-grade exam drafted for Bullitt County Schools as a donation. The version was a likely master copy given to schools and then amended by teachers, the museum notes.

Bullitt County Schools were mostly one-room schools in those days, scattered around the rural county. Students came together at the county courthouse once or twice a year to take this "Common Exam." It was apparently a big deal. The local newspaper urged students to do well, even urging seventh graders that it was not too early to start preparing. Some scholarships were provided to those who passed to go on to high school, which was also a big deal back then. In those days, high school was sometimes another county away and a rare thing for many farm children to be able to otherwise attend.

And remember to smile a little while reading this exam. It has been great fun, as well as a challenge, to think about the questions, and to come up with answers for 1912 and for today. Try your hand at some of the questions. Would you have made it into high school in 1912? See the answers at below of the page for your amusement.

Check our here for the answers


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