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August 23, 2015

26 Amazing Color Photos Capture Everyday Life in Seoul During the Korean War

Some of amazing color pictures of Seoul's everyday life in winter during Korean War period, ca. 1952-1953, were found by m20wc51 will help us to visualize a part of it.

At a small market

Book stores on a street

Boys in reformed uniform at the right upper corner. Military surplus uniform could be reformed, dyed to be used by civilians.

Boys with their distributed goods

A boy waiting for his mother receiving distributed goods

A girl giving her grandfather something to drink

A man carrying a hay basket with his cigarette pipe

A man dragging bags with his simple handcart

A man with his oxcart

A woman standing in front of a laundry

A woman with her kid lining up to receive distrbuted goods

A woman with her pot lining up waiting to receive distributed food

Airfield in Seoul

At a goods distributing point

Celebrating the opening of a new show

Clothing packages collected abroad

Handing out clothing

Mother and son

On a street in Seoul

People depended on wood for heat and cooking, even small branches and twigs like this

Selling rice cakes on a street

The girl is carrying an old Japanese Army messkit

The oil drums made into stoves

The shoeshine boy with his box in the crowd lining up waiting to receive items from soldiers

War correspondent and USAF officer

Wartime ruins


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